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Conec Conec Manufacturer of High Reliability Connectors and Accessories. Products include Standard, High Density and Combo D-Subs with Water Sealed or Filtered features. Micro TCA, cPCI, DIN, and Zone3 ATCA Power Connectors. IPC67 Industrial Ethernet RJ45 and USB Connectors in plastic, metalized plastic or full metal shells. Sensor Actor Line (SAL) in M12, M8, and 7/8". A complete line of Hoods, Backshells, and
Nicomatic Connectors

For conventional cabling of electric motors, servo drives or power supply units or linear units/drives, a great deal of wiring work is required. Separate lines for power and data/ signal transmission are used for different, separate tasks. This wiring concept is not only expensive, but also space- and maintenance-unfriendly.

Due to the constantly increasing cost pressure and the miniaturization of end devices, in combination with an increasing data volume and high transmission speeds, new solutions for more efficiency in the field of wiring are in demand.

Wiring of the power supply and the control of motors and servo drives is exemplary. Until now the conventional approach, each individual motor is wired separately and elaborately to the control cabinet, with the decentralised approach, many consumers are linked with standard connecting cables via a "daisy chain". The special efficiency is that with the newly developed SuperCon series, a compact hybrid connector system has been created, combining and transmitting power supply and data transmission via a specially developed hybrid cable. This technology is equivalent to the modern connection and interface wiring technology.

CONEC supplements the existing sizes B12 und B17 by sockets and connectors, overmoulded, size B23. While the number of poles and the permitted voltages vary depending on the size, the 360° shielded data core is always the same and designed for industrial ethernet Cat 5 with wire cross section AWG22.

Locking is secured with a bayonet fastener, so that a time-consuming screw connection by means of a torque wrench is no longer necessary. A quarter turn ensures a secure connection and IP67 protection class. It is important to note that the bayonet can only be locked, if the hybrid connectors are completely mated in. The risk of failure due to incompletely mated or unscrewed connectors is thus greatly reduced.

The hybrid connector B23 is available with two pole number specifications, starting with a 5-pos. (4+PE) variant with a current rating of 32 A/30°C and a rated voltage of 630 V AC, where a wire cross-section up to AWG12/4.0 mm² can be used. (available now) The variant with 6-pos. (3+PE+2) power contacts offers two more power contacts for AWG14/2.5 mm² wire cross-section in addition to the 4-pos. (3+PE) contacts with AWG12/4.0 mm² wire cross-section each. (available from late summer)

They have a current rating of 20 A/30°C and also a rated voltage of 630V AC and can be used in motors with electric brakes, for example.

Up to three different codings per mating face ensure that connectors that are unpluggable among each other can be used for different applications.

Conec Connectors

Ultra Electronics Logo Ultra Electronics Designer and Manufacturer of high reliability EMI/RFI Filter Products, High Voltage Thin Film and Mica Capacitors, and Custom Magnetics for Mil/Aero and Medical Applications.
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Nicomatic Connectors Nicomatic is a designer and manufacturer of Electronic Interconnects for harsh environments. Nicomatic Connectors
Nicomatic EMM Connectors
Nicomatic EMM, Micro-D, CMM Connectors
Nicomatic EMM, Micro-D, CMM Connectors
Nicomatic EMM, Micro-D, CMM Connectors
DMM Micro-D Mix connectors
DMM Micro-D Mix connectors are compatible with MIL-DTL-83513G performances, and enable a wide choice of arrangements compared to micro-d or sub-d. They allow space saving, electromagnetic & mechanical protection thanks to one piece or two piece backshells.
DMM Connectors
DMM Features:
  • High modularity : contacts: Low Frequency, High Power and High Frequency. Up to 2 Million arrangements.
  • Board to board, board to wire, wire to wire, panel mount (1 to 4 rows of contacts)
  • Miniaturisation: 2mm pitch, low profile
  • Ruggedized with aluminium alloy 6061
  • Short leadtime and low MOQ
  • Easy maintenance thanks to removable contacts
  • Online part number builder for designers (automatic part numbering system, automatic 2D and 3D drawings)

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