High Voltage Diodes and Capicitors
- Electronic Components and Assemblies

CalRamic Logo CalRamic Manufacturer of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors suitable for applications ranging from commercial to space level applications. www.calramic.com
EBG Resistors EBG Manufacturer of non-inductive thick film, high and ultra high voltage, precision Resistors. EBG’s solutions are designed for space savings while improving performance. Both custom and standard solutions are available.www.EBG-Resistors.com
Ultra Electronics Logo Ultra Designer and Manufacturer of high reliability EMI/RFI Filter Products, High Voltage Thin Film and Mica Capacitors, and Custom Magnetics for Mil/Aero and Medical Applications.
Voltage Multipliers Logo Voltage Multipliers Inc. Manufacturer of High Voltage QPL Diodes, Rectifiers, Multipliers, Bridges, Power Supplies, Optocouplers, and Hybrid Multipliers. www.voltagemultipliers.com

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